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Kangin tried to get Ryeowook to imitate Siwon but Wook just threw a tissue at him. Then he ran over to hug Kangin ©

Wookie malo ^^

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Handsome !!!

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"Because Shindong is there, we exist."  


Happy b-day!!! :))

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poor wookie ㅋㅋㅋ

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and their quarrel never ends #kids

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It only takes 4 minutes of your time. I do really think this is such a new and refreshing concept from what we are used to see in the K-Pop Industry.

One of the reasons why I am an ELF is because SUPER JUNIOR, more than a group, are like brothers - a family - their bond is what draws you closer to them. And they are so hard-working and talented. All the hard things they have been through since their debut…. I am so HAPPY that they are back and that their hard work and dedication is been noted throughout the world. They truly deserve to have all the recognition because they put their entire all to give the best to their fans. 

I had never been part of a fandom where the conexion between idol and fans was so pure, fun, close and genuine. I am not a fan of many things….I am actually a fan of very few things, and SUPER JUNIOR entered my life like a speeding bullet….. something I cannot even explain with just words.

Do not let the language be a barrier. On the contrary, conquer it all :D

The Kings of K-Pop are BACK, and it’s better than ever! <3


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These guys were ridiculed for what they lack, for their age, for their longevity as a group and for simply being members of Super Junior. But in the end, they came out to prove the doubters wrong and to exceed the expectations of those who believe. The Last Man Standing will always “Kill Them All”


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surprised! Heechul  at Ryeowook’s high note  while performing Mamacita  [x]

*lol* it’s ok Wookie.. you’re awesome!!


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☆ MAMACITA album Event! Stream online to win a version A album!


(There is a special extra giveaway for tumblr users! Do read the tumblr giveaway section!)

Hello everyone! I decided to give away some MAMACITA albums to ELF that deserve to have them! Are you interested on getting an album? Until now I am thinking on giving away around 3 or 4 albums. I will…

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Super Junior releases drama version of “MAMACITA” MV



Super Junior has released a drama version music video for their song “MAMACITA” through the SMTOWN official YouTube channel!

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kangin’s tragic loss

Kandía <3

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Super Junior 7th Physical Album to be released today.Please ONLY buy at Certified distributors.







Yay!!! I pre-ordered mine already from YesAsia and bought it on iTunes too ;)

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Super Junior is not threatened by anyone. Even if some members aren’t there, others will protect us reliably. We protect Super Junior. We do not worry other groups threatening Super Junior’s existence.
Leeteuk, Leader of Super Junior (via iamjaceyandlovesuju)